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It's An Average Day

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It's a Day Like Any Other

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Nothing Seems Out of the Ordinary

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And Then The World Changes

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The Ultimate Tabletop and Sandbox Experience

Incident Command System-based Teamwork Activities and Disaster Management Practice for Professionals and Civilians in Multiplayer 3D Simulation Environments.

DisasterSimulator is intended to be an enhancement to your training, methods and practice, It adds an “any time” element, enabling you and your teammates, and/or with other teams and organizations, to meet up, or drop in when it’s convenient for you, without having to leave your office, home, or family.

Unique Features in Development:

  • Common Disaster Evacuation and Aftermath Environments
  • User-generated Command Posts, Emergency Shelter Setup/Management
  • Triage, Search & Rescue, Fire Suppression Systems
  • Interactive Props, Patients, Animals, Driveable Vehicles, Aircraft, Watercraft
  • Multimedia Presentation Tools, including Screenshare, Webcam, etc
  • Small and Large-scale Conference Capabilities, Exhibitions, Visualization, Team Building

To Apply for Beta Access:

DisasterSimulator is based on the Incident Command System. Participants in the platform need to have some form of ICS training. Ideally, CERT Basic Training, and/or FEMA ICS-100, or an equivalent/similar ICS training you’ve received through an employer, school campus, or organization.

The platform is still in development. Please use the form to tell us your affiliations(s).

When DisasterSimulator is launched in Beta, you will receive an invitation and instructions on how to log in. Your input and ideas will be appreciated!




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